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slider-3-4752x2754We provide the following range of specialist cleaning and support services:

Commercial Oven Cleaning

Fryers, Grills, Oven Ranges, Steamers, Combination Ovens, Industrial Oven cleaning etc. All cooking equipment is fully dismantled and then treated in our solution dip tanks. This process removes carbon and grease deposits. The solid structure of the cooking equipment can then be fully deep cleaned by our fully trained cleaning operatives using degreasers that have been exclusively formulated for us. This process will remove grease, carbon and limescale. The cooking equipment is then reassembled and then polished to a finish.

Deep Kitchen Cleaning

Floors, walls, ceilings and all other surfaces around the kitchen accumulate grease deposits, where bacteria and germs that can thrive. Deep cleaning removes these deposits. A thorough deep clean done by Indepth Hygiene’s expert team gives you complete peace of mind. We’ll make sure all your food preparation areas are clean from top to bottom. We’ll get into all the nooks and crannies, leaving no dirt or grime.

Filter Cleaning

We offer a commercial extractor filter cleaning service and this involves removing your dirty filters and exchanging them for clean extractor filters, alternatively we can take the filters away for cleaning and return and fit them the same day. We understand the need for minimal disturbance within your commercial kitchen environment.

Our Exchange Service:

You will have an initial charge for a new set of extractor filters, these filters will remain your property but will minimise any down-time of your ventilation system. On the exchange we will remove the dirty and replace with clean. The dirty units will be cleaned and awaiting your call for an exchange.

General Ventilation cleaning

It is important to maintain the cleaning of any ductwork and air systems in the building your company uses.  This is paramount to the health and safety of your employees.  Over time the dust in your ductwork and air systems harbour microbial growth and contaminants, creating air pollution in your workplace.  It is a legal requirement to ensure your workplace meets health and safety regulations, including regular inspections of your ductwork and system systems and the removal and cleaning of dust and contaminants when required.

Grease Removal

Grease traps are no place to cut corners, especially when you’re choosing a service provider. Improper grease trap cleaning, pumping and maintenance can create huge problems for your business, potentially causing closure or heavy fines due to trap blockages, overflows or regulatory violations.  With our professional grease trap services, you can rest easy knowing you are partnering with one of the most reliable and environmentally-conscience companies in the industry.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information or get a personalized quote by emailing us at info@adnsolutions.co.uk.